Organizational Consulting

In addition to individual coaching my company, A Leading Way, offers leadership consulting to businesses looking for ways to build employee morale, improve customer service, create magnetic organizational cultures, strengthen relationships and refine their leadership. As a leadership strategist, I am able to evaluate the needs expressed by the company and offer solutions that will yield the most tangible results. 

Leadership Woes. Sound Familiar?

  • Trouble retaining good employees
  • Poor productivity of team members
  • Struggling to delegate effectively
  • Feeling less than adequate
  • Blurred organizational vision
  • Afraid to speak up
  • Poor communication among the team
  • Lack of drive
  • Fear of failing
  • Complete organizational chaos
  • Underdeveloped business culture
  • Subpar management

Then you are certainly in the right place!

*Leadership is more than the title you wear, the status you hold or the salary you receive; it is your character, your strength and your ability to inspire and nurture greatness in others.

*Once leaders learn how to identify and extract the magnificent gifts that others have to offer, common goals can be continuously met.

*Through relationship building, team work and consistent effort, organizations are then able to create an environment built on ‘people-centered leadership that profits’.

What I Provide:

  • Very in depth, detailed assessment of employee morale and work environment through employee interviews.
  • Sessions with leaders to discuss issues, and strategies to improve employee satisfaction and create a positive, rewarding environment that promotes successful outcomes.
  • Leadership Assessments.
  • Leadership training in emotional intelligence.
  • Helping leaders improve in the areas of ethical and moral professional behaviors, positive communication, interpersonal skills, team building, appreciation and recognition, respectful encounters, some conflict resolution.
  • Finding leaders that are qualified based on values, attitude, the ability to inspire others and that continuously align with the organizations vision and mission.
  • Helping leaders provide inspiration and support to their team[s].

My Areas of Expertise Include:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Self- Leadership
  3. Cultural Competency
  4. Team Building
  5. Organizational Culture
  6. Team Building/Management
  7. Emotional Intelligence
  8. Multi-generational Teams

Recent studies show that millennials are quickly becoming the majority in the workforce. Companies need to learn and adopt leadership practices that cater to that demographic of future leaders. Old ways are no longer working. It is time to try something new.

A Leading Way offers new, innovative and creative ways to develop effective leaders through coaching, consulting and training. 

  • Innovative Ideas
  • Successful Strategies
  • Extraordinary Cultures
  • Super Star Teams

As a coach and consultant I know how to create organizational cultures that generate success! My company strives to increase employee engagement, satisfaction and retention. Businesses lose money when they lose employees.

The goal is to retain high potential and high performing employees, improve productivity and increase profitability and sustainability within an organization.