Services & Packages

All coaching packages include 2 self-evaluations during your program to help you determine your growth during our sessions. Sessions are weekly and by appointment. All packages include email access to me when available as well as correspondence via my FB group and messenger.

You will leave our coaching sessions feeling renewed and ready to walk into your greatness! You will gain clarity, accountability, self- awareness, a mindset shift, a boost in confidence, have better leadership skills, understand your leadership style and feel more confident in your abilities. 

You will be amazed at your strength and in awe of your personal and professional growth.

Personal Power Hour

One, 60 minute session to to gain clarity, obtain accountability and recognize where you are disconnected in your your journey to personal and professional success. During this session we will create a goal plan that will guide you on taking the necessary steps to feel fulfilled and satisfied with your personal growth and professional happiness.

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The Leader Within- Personal Development Journey

This program is 100% about mastering self- leadership, which is the first level of personal growth and professional success. It is the ability to consciously influence your own behavior and thoughts in order to achieve your personal and professional goals. Developing the skills that will take your career, business and life to a new level! Become the woman you are destined to be and the CEO of your life through learning discovering and overcoming. This 6 months, 1 on 1 program will teach you to navigate through your struggles as a woman, mother, spouse, business and/or career woman and help you discover talents and abilities you have hidden away. You will gain clarity and insight while developing an action plan for your goals and be given unyielding support as you journey into your success zone! The program will cover: * Decision making * Self-Awareness * Problem solving * Confronting and overcoming barriers in order to succeed * Self- doubt * Fear * Intimidation & Insecurity * Finding your voice * Trusting yourself and boosting your confidence * Learning to own your accomplishments and stand in your success * Being proud of what you do and pursuing your passions/gifts and talents. This package includes a full day, VIP, in person session to take a fine tooth comb through what you've been doing and create the exact blueprint for what you need to be doing to reach your maximum potential. (payment plans available)

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Effective Leadership Training for Girl Bosses

With this program, I teach you the fundamentals of leadership. You will enhance your skills and gain clarity in your leadership duties. For 8 weeks we will cover: • Effective communication • Emotional intelligence • Team building and Team Management • Business culture • Time management & work/life balance • Relationship building • Networking • Delegating and asking for help • Improving productivity • Team motivation • Developing healthy habits in leadership *This program is perfect for mompreneurs and women looking to advance in their career and/or business*

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6 Steps to Successful Self- Management

A 3 months, one on one intense coaching program for the woman ready to elevate, amplify and dominate! Studies show that it takes 90 days of consistent action to create a new habit so together we will work on building your confidence, skills and mindset to help you walk into your greatness and claim it! Stop holding your dreams hostage and hiding your gifts because you're afraid. You deserve to be recognized, so show out!!! You will leave this program with a new outlook on your life, your goals and your plans. We will work on creative idea development to help you turn your ideas into an expanded vision that can be developed and implemented. You will also create an action plan for continued personal and professional growth and success.

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Organizational Coaching/ Consulting
Prices Start at $1400*

Please see Business Consulting page for overview of services. Price varies based on length of service and size of organization. * One day facilitated trainings start at $1400*

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The Girl Boss Guide to Greatness: Be The Leader of Your Dreams

This is not your typical motivational book. It is personal growth tool to help women recognize and maximize their potential! The book covers self- awareness, overcoming obstacles, gaining clarity, balancing responsibilities, understanding influence and adjusting after failure. If you desire to be the best at what you do and become the leader of your life, "The Girl Boss Guide to Greatness" can help you achieve just that.

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5 Weeks With Coach JaVaughna- Personal Development Courses

Join a group of amazing women just like you for personal growth, professional growth, goal planning and more! Are you tired of being stagnant in your progression to happiness, success and fulfillment? I know what it's like to feel defeated, lost, miserable and afraid which is why I share so much of my story with other women/ mothers. I had to grow through my struggles and learn how to create the life I want. There are no excuses, only mental limitations and those can easily be broken. Bet on yourself, just this once and I promise you won't regret it! Are you ready? Start dates are as follows: February 4, March 11, April 15, May 20, June 24, July 29, Sept 2, October 7, November 11

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